4 Questions You Need to Ask Before Getting a Crown or Bridge

A dental crown serves as a protective cap to restore a tooth, enhancing its aesthetics in terms of shape, size, and color. Additionally, it is known to reinforce the tooth's strength, improving bite functionality by encapsulating the entire tooth upon cementing.

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On the other hand, a bridge is employed to fill gaps between teeth, addressing issues associated with missing teeth, such as an irregular bite pattern and compromised smile. In more severe cases, the absence of teeth can lead to gum diseases and even TMJ disorder.

Before opting for a dental crown or bridge, it’s crucial to address four key questions:

  • Who Should Opt for a Dental Crown or Bridge?

    • Dental Crowns: Suitable for individuals with cracked, crooked, uneven, or weakened teeth, as well as those experiencing tooth decay and toothaches.
    • Dental Bridges: Recommended for those with large gaps between teeth, with a prerequisite of having healthy jaw bones to support the bridge.


  • How Do You Choose a Dentist for a Dental Crown or Bridge?

    • Ensure the dentist adheres to international standards of treatment and care.
    • Verify their qualifications through medical certification and inquire about their educational background.


  • How Long Will They Last?

    • Both dental crowns and bridges have a substantial lifespan, influenced by factors such as oral hygiene practices.
    • Regular brushing and flossing, along with avoiding hard or sticky foods, contribute to the longevity of these procedures, ranging from five to fifteen years.


  • Which One is Right for You – Dental Crown or Bridge?

    • Dental Crown: Ideal for deteriorating teeth, offering protective restoration.
    • Dental Bridge: Suited for individuals with missing teeth, providing a solution to bridge the gaps.


Understanding the distinct purposes of crowns and bridges is essential in making an informed decision based on individual dental needs.

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